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Our head office is located at Stapylton on the Gold Coast.

We supply tanks to the South East Queensland region.

You can purchase via our online store or place a direct order by contacting us on 1800 677 003 or emailing – craig@nationalplastics.com.au.

No all our tanks are seamless in construction with a smooth wall design for maximum strength.

No all our tanks have an engineered roof that is self supporting.

For algae to grow in the tank there has to be sufficient light in the tank, with the strainer in place there is not enough light to allow algae to form.

Most manufacturers are using the same food grade material as per the standard. The difference comes down to design and manufacturing process. Unlike others we have never had a tank split or burst ever!

Every tank comes complete with inlet strainer, meshed overflow, brass bsp outlet and tap or gate valve.

There is little difference if the tank is full of water.

Small grass fires will cause minimal damage, possible scorching or blackening. However large fires will Destroy any tank.

Most local councils support the saving of water and the installation of tanks. The requirement for council approval varies between local government areas and you need to consult with your local government authority for approval processes.

Your Tanks R Us Water Tank comes with a 10yr manufacturer’s warranty.

1. You can call us on 1800 677 003 and we can process your Mastercard or Visa securely over the phone.
2. We also accept cheques.

Once your order has been processed, we will endeavour to make sure your tank is delivered to the property within 2 weeks.

No we don’t. Installation should be done by a Licensed Plumber.

Refer to the section “How do I install my water tank.”

Designers are always updating their ranges with new and improved colours. Please contact our office on 1800 677 003 for further information.

You can calculate this quickly by knowing your roof area and how much rain has been recorded for a given period. Simply multiply your total M2 of roof area by your annual rainfall average and you will have a total potential catchment for the year.

When using your tank water for the house, most councils require that you install a mains connection kit. How this works is when the tanks get low, the system will top up automatically from the town water supply.

Yes. You can select the colour of your tank. Please note the colour options below. If the colour you want is not listed please contact us.